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Where do you need to see your horse?
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Watch over your horse from home

  • 800 m range between camera and wireless unit (using antennas & videoLink)
  • Both video and sound
  • Possible to connect to a TV.


Buy horseCam here!


Camera Viewer

Computer at home

  • Connect the horseCam system to your computer at home (or in the stable)
  • Sound, better picture quality and recording possibilities.
  • Easy and free of charge.
  • Included in the horseCam box, unlimited use.



Click here to get started with Camera Viewer!

horseCam Online

Wherever you go!

  • Connect the horseCam system to your home computer (or in the stable) and stream out the picture on the internet.
  • Easy access to your horse via a mobile phone or a computer with internet access even when you're not at home*, using a personal login.
  • Quick and easy without security risks on your computer.
  • 30 days included in the horseCam box.

*Only video, no sound.


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